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It’s Official: 100 Club of Southeast Texas

Orange County admitted into 100 Club

Club Treasurer Rod Carroll, center, shares a moment in the spotlight with Orange Police Chief Sam Kittrell and Officer Eric Ellison during the press conference at the Orange Police Department in May.

Our triangle is complete. 2010 marked the long-awaited admission of Orange County making us the The 100 Club of Southeast Texas.

The official announcement came May 14 at a press conference at the City of Orange Police Department during the 100 Club Awareness Month. Representatives from Jefferson, Hardin, and Orange counties were on hand for the event.

Clint Lewis, club president, described the event as history-making for the club, which has transitioned from the title of The 100 Club of Jefferson and Hardin Counties to The 100 Club of Southeast Texas.

"It marks an important milestone for Orange County peace officers and fire-fighters, who are now covered as beneficiaries under the 100 Club umbrella," he said.

Special recognition and thanks went to several Orange corporations that helped the county meet the monetary goal of $50,000 required for admission. They include The Stark Foundation, Claybar Funeral Homes, The Houseman Companies, Orange Savings Bank, Sabine Federal Credit Union, and Temple Inland.

Rod Carroll, club treasurer, presented plaques to four Orange officials and one officer who played important roles in bringing Orange County into the club. The plaques went to Police Chief Sam Kittrell, Fire Chief David Frenzel, Sheriff Keith Merritt, City Manager Shawn Oubre, and Officer Eric Ellison.

"This is something we have wanted to do for years," Kittrell told The Examiner, which recognized the event as its cover story." I have to give so much credit to Eric Ellison, who is president of our police officers association. He took this and ran with it and made it his personal mission."

Kittrell added that while he hopes no officer or firefighter in Orange County ever needs money from the club's funds, it's comforting to know that there are people in the community who share a vision and are there to help.

In the history of the Orange Police Department, according to the City of Orange Web site, three officers have been killed in the line of duty: Capt. Danny Gray, 1974; Chief Ed J. O'Reilly, 1935; and Acting Chief of Police John Godwin, 1935.

Photo of The Event

100 Club Accepts First Corporate Members

Joe Penland and Clint Lewis

Clint Lewis, club vice president, (right) accepts the first $5,000 corporate membership contribution from Community Bank. Joe Penland, club president, presented the check on behalf of Community Bank.

Community Bank became the first Corporate Member to join the club with a $5,000 donation, Joe Penland, club president, announced today. This donation was immediately followed by $5,000 donations from two additional new corporate members, the Reaud Foundation and Quality Mat.

Jon Reaud, 100 Club board member, and Penland made the presentation of the three checks Feb. 12 to Clint Lewis, club vice president, during a meeting at the Rockin A Café in Beaumont.

Penland said the corporate membership drive had been delayed because of the hurricanes and the club is now ready to move forward.

Reaud made the motions to establish a corporate committee to finalize benefits and make a brochure. As it stands, $1,500 corporate members receive two corporate level stickers and $5,000 donations receive 10 stickers. He added that he hopes to get some $25,000 corporate sponsors.