100 Club of Southeast Texas

The 100 Club of Southeast Texas

Help us Support the Families of Fallen Heroes

When tragedy strikes, the effects are devastating.

All too often it strikes in the form of a death or disabling injury of a law enforcement officer or firefighter. The 100 Club of Southeast Texas is here to provide immediate response to the needs of the family of a fallen officer or firefighter.

Police Officer

The 100 Club of SETX Survivor's Fund

When a law enforcement officer or firefighter is killed in the line of duty, our community loses a public servant – but their family loses a parent, a partner, and a provider. The 100 Club is the only charitable organization established to support the families of officers and firefighters killed while protecting us. We ensure that their family is not forgotten!

What We Provide

Catastrophic Injury

Survivor Benefit Fund (SBF) allows a hurt/injured officer to receive money from
the 100 Club to help with expenses.

Immediate Response

Within hours of the report of a line of duty death the 100 Club Board deploys its
response team.

Rapid Assistance

$10,000 is delivered within 24-48 hours to
the surviving spouse and children of the
fallen officer or firefighter.

Financial Support

A financial needs assessment within
a month assures that qualifying families receive up to $50,000.

Ongoing Services

Bereavement support with
referrals to local resources
are provided.


A bronze plaque and annual memorial Services presented by the 100 Club
keep the memory of our heroes and the sacrifices they made alive.

Who Benefits?

The surviving spouse and children of fallen law enforcement officers and firefighters in Jefferson, Orange and Hardin Counties, including: Police Officers, Sheriff deputies, DEA agents, FBI agents, DPS officers, ATF agents, Park service, TABC agents, US Marshalls, Constables, Fire fighters, Lamar/LIT officers, IRS agents, ICE agents, EPA agents, DA’s office and others.

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How You Can Help

You can support law enforcement and fire fighters with your 100 Club Membership. The 100 Club of Southeas Texas is a 501 (c) (3) charity which means that all contributions are tax deductible


Since our organization was founded in 1988, we’ve lost several first responders in the line of duty. The brave men and women who wear the badge go to work each day prepared to pay the cost to keep the law and order of Southeast Texas. The following men and women paid the ultimate cost for the safety of our community and for that, deserve the highest form of honor we can bestow… to never forget.


Our members realize that money can’t make up for the loss of a loved one, but representatives of the club visit with family members within 48 hours of a tragedy. Our purpose is to provide not only support and understanding, but a substantial contribution to the financial needs of the surviving spouse and children.

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Zack Shelton

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