Message From The President

Dear Members and supporters of the 100 club of SETX,

On behalf of the board of the 100 club, and the first responders of Jefferson, Orange and Hardin counties I would like to again thank you for your support of this organization.

100 Club of Southeast Texas President Warren ClaybarOver the last 90 days our nation has seen unprecedented levels of violence targeted against the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to protect our lives, property, and maintain order in our communities. Following the events in Dallas, Baton Rouge and across the country I am now, more than ever, convinced that no community is immune from this type of violence.

In talking with Chiefs from around Southeast Texas about the unprecedented challenge first responders are facing, they are quick to tell me that there has also been an unprecedented amount of support that has been shown to their departments... and they are grateful! From companies bringing lunch to their stations and fire houses, churches providing cookies to officers and fire personnel, and more and more cars with 100 club decals on them... OUR first responders know our community supports and appreciates them.

On September 19th we will be having a golf tournament at Beaumont Country Club to raise money for this organization. Corporate sponsorships are available as are teams if you would like to be part of this event. Tuesday September 20th our annual Corporate Lifetime Members Recognition banquet will be held from 6 to 9pm at the MCM Elegante Hotel in Beaumont.  Mr. William A. Gavin will be our guest speaker. We invite you to support and attend both of these events. For more information or tickets please call 409.658.8918.

Lastly, please help us continue to grow the 100 club of Southeast Texas by spreading the word! If you know a friend who might be interested in supporting SETX first responders send them this newsletter… joining is easy and can be done online… simply click on this link .

Thank you,

Warren Claybar

Message From President Claybar

100 Club of Southeast Texas President Warren ClaybarAs we embark upon our 100 Club of Southeast Texas May Awareness Month, I personally want to take a moment to thank the members of our region’s law enforcement.  Everyone deserves thanks for the work they do.  All our Texas Peace Officers, including Police Officers, Firefighters and First Responders, whose job it is to maintain order and to protect our health and safety.  These brave men and women put their lives on the line every day, and we honor the lives of those peace officers who have died in the line of duty.   Of course, it is also important to thank all our Club members and supporters who have contributed monetarily to the Club for over 20 years. All the support and charitable gifts allow the Club to maintain its purpose to provide a measure of comfort and direct financial assistance to the surviving spouse and dependent children of a fallen first responder.  A key element of my vision as the Club President is to grow the membership of the 100 Club of Southeast Texas, but then again it is important to say thank you, and to say how grateful we are for the work our First Responders do day in and day out.

Message from President Shelton

ZackSheltonPresWhen we talk about charitable organizations, no other cause is so close to my heart as the 100 Club of Southeast Texas. During my career in law enforcement, I lost several friends and personally know that each day these men and women walk out of their front doors without thinking that they might not return home.

Much has changed and much has stayed the same since 1988 when Beaumont Police Officer Paul Hulsey's death led to the founding of what was then The 100 Club of Jefferson County. After the young Officer Hulsey was slain in the line of duty, a few concerned community leaders took the initiative to find a way to help his wife and children and to stand ready in the event that such a need should arise again.

Since Hulsey's death, the Club has joined the community in mourning the loss of six more area peace officers, but we also had the privilege of being able to come to the assistance of their families within 48 hours of the tragedy. The Club also has been able to expand its reach, so that it now stands ready to serve both law enforcement and firefighters in three counties.

The pledges of individual members, who renew each year with their $100 contributions, or join as Life members for $1,000, have always formed the solid core and life blood of the Club, but fundraising also is important. When the Club started, I was an FBI agent and offered to help raise money for Hulsey's family through a golf tournament. The tournament raised about $9,000 in 1989. Later it became known as "The Hulsey" and collected more than $400,000 over a 20-year period for the organization.

After hurricanes and other circumstances interfered for several years, we decided to shift gears and find other means of fundraising. We are thankful for area businesses that have unselfishly made contributions as corporate sponsors. These sponsorships, along with the Motorcop Rodeo, helped us reach the $1 million mark for the first time in 2013, our 25th anniversary year.

Following the catastrophic loss of 15 first responders in the 2013 explosion in the town of West, Texas, we became keenly aware that even a million dollar fund could be depleted with a single such accident. That's why this board has pledged to work with the community to build upon what we have done in the past so that we will be able to serve no matter what the obstacle.

It takes a great calling to give your life for your fellow man and we feel that it is our calling to honor the fallen and be there for the families they leave behind. Thank you for the great honor of allowing me to lead The 100 Club of Southeast Texas for the 2014-2015 term.

-- Zack Shelton --


A Message From The President

Jon Reaud2014 is just around the corner and it is extremely hard for me to believe that my two years as President of The 100 Club of Southeast Texas has come to an end. However, as I review the advances we as an organization have accomplished, I could not be more proud.
At the time of our inception as The 100 Club of Jefferson County in 1988, we had no idea that this great organization would ever grow to become the visible and interactive group of men and women that we are today. But today we PROUDLY are The 100 Club of Southeast Texas, representing all First Responders in three counties, Jefferson, Hardin and Orange.

The road has not been easy. Every year we have laid brick to build the road we now travel. Many board presidents and boards of directors that supported their visions have worked diligently to move The 100 Club forward. Each of these boards did remarkable work to raise the banner that has come to be so respected by our area's First Responders. To each and every man and woman who has brought us to the end of 2013, I say “Thank You.”

It has been my honor to be supported by the dedicated men and women who make up our current Board of Directors. As a result of the actions of this TEAM following the road our leaders before us laid, we saw many successes come to fruition. For the first time, we have a strong working relationship with our Police Chiefs, Fire Chiefs, Union Officials, along with the support and respect of the men and women they represent. For the first time, as a result of the creation of our Corporate Partnerships and Motorcop Rodeo Sponsorships, many local businesses supported our First Responders with generous donations. We appreciate them sharing our vision and making it possible to reach our long-time financial goal. For the first time, we attained the goal of $1 million in assets.

In almost every sports event, you have a “Most Valuable Player” award -- a man or woman who gave 110 percent and stood out in leadership, hard work, and successes throughout the season. If we had such an award, it would have to go to each and every member of The 100 Club of Southeast Texas this year from the $25,000 Corporate Sponsors to the mom and dad that have faithfully given their annual $100 contributions. It would go to each of you who proudly displays your sticker on the rear windshield of your vehicle to show your appreciation to those who protect us day and night as we work and sleep. From the bottom of my heart, I want you to know you are “The Most Valuable Players” and the reason we continue to grow this organization.

This coming year we face even more challenges, but we have men and women who will step up to the plate and carry us forward to new limits. It starts with me and it starts with you. Each of us must do our part in giving of our time, our finances and our commitment. If we do that, one day we will be “The Ones” the generation of that day will speak of as the backbone, the heart and soul of this Great Charitable Organization.

Thank you for this opportunity to work alongside each and every one of you over the past two years as your president. It has been a journey I will forever remember as one of the highlights of my life.

God Bless the United States of America and God Bless the men and women who dedicate their lives to protecting and serving us as individuals, a community, and a nation.
Jon Reaud Signature

A Message From The President

Jon ReaudIt’s hard to believe that our fiscal year has come to an end. I would especially like to thank our officers, Zack,Warren and Dan, and other board members who devoted countless hours to develop and implement exciting new ideas.

Our Board is taking The 100 Club of Southeast Texas to the next level in growth and exposure to the community. One significant development is the creation of four levels of Corporate Sponsorships.We now have corporate sponsors in all three of our covered counties, and two organizations, Quality Mat Company and The Young Men’s Business League (YMBL), teamed up to bring in a full life benefit. These two companies hope to inspire others to follow suit.

During May Awareness Month, board members talked to organizations, appeared on talk shows, did radio interviews and visited with potential corporate sponsors helping make it our most successful so far.

We will sorely miss two board members who stepped down recently. Charlie Reed resigned after serving over a 25-year period in every executive board office. Charlie’s service will be forever appreciated. Shawn Oubre, Orange City Manager, resigned due to job demands. Special thanks to Shawn for helping us bring Orange County into our club.

Many thanks also to Beaumont Police Chief Jimmy Singletary and Jefferson County Sheriff Mitch Woods for hosting a luncheon, underwritten by Joe Penland, to educate the agencies we serve about our mission.We had 62 agency representatives in attendance including sheriffs, police chiefs, fire chiefs, state troopers, Home Land Security officers and agents from the DEA,ATF and FBI. This endeavor led these men and women to conduct membership drives that resulted in 100 percent participation by some of their associations.

The Jefferson County luncheon’s success inspired Warren Claybar, club treasurer, to initiate a similar event for Orange County.Working with county agencies,Warren put together a well-attended luncheon.As a result, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Orange Firefighters’ Local and the Orange Police Association have brought in 100 percent memberships in their respective organizations.

Another exciting development is the upgrading and expansion of our website, We expect to go online November 8 with a new, user friendly design that also features Pay Pal so that memberships and donations can be made directly online.

Overall, 2012 brought many changes.We improved our visibility to the public and to the agencies we represent and forged new friendships with law enforcement officers and firefighters.

Expect next year to be even more exciting.Our goal is to reach the $1 million mark during 2013, but it will take everyone sharing in this vision. If each of you would encourage just one friend to join us,we could exceed our goal and make strides toward our longer range plan of $2 million.

We appreciate your faithfulness through these challenging financial times and we pray that we continue to be a responsible voice for all of you who proudly display The 100 Club of Southeast Texas decal on your vehicles. By doing so, you demonstrate to firefighters and peace officers that there are Southeast Texans who support and believe in them.

Please make your reservations to join us for our annual meeting this Thursday,Nov. 8.We look forward to seeing you.


Jon Reaud Signature



Jon C. Reaud - President

A Message From The President, Clint Lewis

Clint LewisWhen I last wrote to you in my message to the Club, I celebrated the fact that for the whole year we had not had an officer in Jefferson, Hardin or Orange County taken from us in the line of duty. This year on July 8 tragedy struck when Officer Brian Hebert was killed in an allegedly intentional ramming of his police vehicle on Dowlen Road.

Officer Hebert was a 10-year veteran of the Beaumont Police Department. Officer Hebert’s family included Glenn and Cynthia Hebert, his mother and father, and Holly Hebert, his sister. He will be missed by his family and by his dog, Apollo. He will also be missed by his police department family and the rest of us that counted on him to play his role in keeping us safe from crime. He made the ultimate sacrifice on the day he died by trying to stop a fleeing perpetrator who was reported to have been set on a mission to harm others.

The 100 Club of Southeast Texas attended the City of BeaumontMemorial Service to Officer Hebert as a group on July 13. It was a heartwarming celebration of the years of service of Officer Hebert and a sad farewell to him from the officers, flag bearers and bagpipers.We must now be committed to furthering our goal to benefit the families of peace officers and firefighters who stand in the wake of such a devastating loss.

I challenge each of you to join us in this effort and to renew your membership through the payment of the small dues which when added together will help us support those who are directly impacted by such a horrible loss. Please tell your family, workmates and friends about the work of the 100 Club of Southeast Texas and encourage them to join us in our efforts.

I personally want to thank those in our community who contributed membership dues and special memorial contributions immediately after the loss of Officer Hebert. It is through this kind of public-minded participation and enthusiastic support that our job is far more manageable.

At our annual meeting we will be honoring four of our past directors who also served as officers of our organization. Please help us thank Sandra Benski, Debbie Bishop, Rod Carroll and Lee Johnson for their years of dedicated service to our membership and to the community.We will also vote on our new officers for the year 2012. I invite and encourage you to join us for lunch and the meeting at 11:45 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 10 at the Beaumont Police Department.

On January 1, 2012, I will be turning over the reins of the 100 Club, but I will not be leaving the organization nor the work that it does. I plan on continuing to be as active as I can by participating in 100 Club events and soliciting new memberships and programs that call attention to the work we do. It is my sincere wish that the 100 Club can continue to be an organization ready, willing and able to respond in times of great need. Thank you for your support.

Clint Lewis

A Message from the President

What an incredible year 2010 has been for so many reasons! The best reason is The 100 Club has not been called upon to pay benefits to the family of a fallen law enforcement officer or firefighter.

Too many past presidents have had the sad duty to announce that an officer has died in the line of duty and that we have reached out to help the family. God has smiled upon our first responders this year, but we must be ever mindful of the sacrifices they make every day for our protection.

This year we have reached a wonderful milestone in that we have added Orange County to our Club and changed our name to The 100 Club of Southeast Texas, Inc. This brings home both the encouraging potential for new membership and the growth of our assets, but also faces us with a sobering prospect of adding many new firefighters and law enforcement officials to the list of people whom we intend to benefit.

We continue to make progress toward out financial goal through your memberships and with the help of our corporate sponsors, which have increased from five to 12 this year. You will find them listed on page 2 of this newsletter. While we still hope to one day achieve a $1,000,000 accumulation amount, my personal goal also has been to make what we have grow for that unknown date in the future when we will need it.

I encourage each of you to consider the renewal of your membership for the year 2011 and to encourage your friends, family members, and business associates to follow your lead. It is only through your participation and generosity that we can carry forward our mission.

I am also extremely pleased to announce the retirement from the Beaumont Enterprise of our biggest supporter, director, and master organizer of everything that gets done with The 100 Club, Marie Richard. I am advised that although she is enjoying her retirement, she has now become the full-time de facto manager of the club. My heartiest congratulations to her. I extend the hope that we will be able to count on her for many more years as we have since the beginning of this organization.

In recognition of the year's milestones and plans, we will conduct our annual meeting noon Nov. 11 at the Orange Police Department.

All of you are cordially invited to participate and be there to thank our Orange County first responders who are now members of our tri-county organization. I hope to see you there to celebrate this momentous accomplishment and to recognize those for whom we serve.

Yours truly,
Clint W. Lewis