What is The 100 Club?

What’s it all about?

When tragedy strikes, the effects are devastating, and all too often, it strikes in the form of a death or disabling injury of a law enforcement officer or firefighter. The 100 Club of Southeast Texas is here to provide immediate response to the needs of the family of a fallen officer or firefighter. Our members realize that money can’t make up for the loss of a loved one, but representatives of the club visit with family members within 48 hours of a tragedy. Our purpose is to provide not only support and understanding, but a substantial contribution to the financial needs of the surviving spouse and children.

100 Club of Southeast Texas Facts

Who Does The 100 Club Benefit?

Who Benefits?

The surviving spouse and children of fallen law enforcement officers and firefighters in Jefferson, Orange and Hardin Counties, including:

Police Officers, Sheriff deputies, DEA agents, FBI agents, DPS officers, ATF agents, Park service, TABC agents, US Marshalls, Constables, Fire fighters, Lamar/LIT officers, IRS agents, ICE agents, EPA agents, DA’s office and others.

How Does The 100 Club Help?

How Do They Benefit?

How Do They Benefit? Within hours of the report of a line of duty death the 100 Club Board deploys its response team. $10,000 is delivered within 24-48 hours to the surviving spouse and children of the fallen officer or firefighter. A financial needs assessment within a month assures that qualifying families receive up to […]

How Can You Help?

How Can You Help?

How Can You Help?

You can support law enforcement and fire fighters with your 100 Club Membership. The 100 Club of Southeas Texas is a 501 (c) (3) charity which means that all contributions are tax deductible

  • Annual Individual Membership:  $100
  • Individual Lifetime Membership:  $1000
  • Annual Law Enforcement/Firefighter: $25
  • Lifetime Law Enforcement/Firefighter:  $250
  • Corporate Memberships:  Varies


The President’s Desk

A Message From The President

Jon Reaud

2014 is just around the corner and it is extremely hard for me to believe that my two years as President of The 100 Club of Southeast Texas has come to an end. However, as I review the advances we as an organization have accomplished, I could not be more proud. At the time of our inception as The 100 Club of Jefferson County in 1988, we had no idea that this great organization would ever grow to become the visible and interactive group of men and women that we are today. But today we PROUDLY are The 100 Club of Southeast Texas, representing all First Responders in three counties, Jefferson, Hardin and Orange. The road has not been easy. Every year we have laid brick to build the road we now travel. Many board presidents and boards of directors that supported their visions have worked … [Read More...]

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Chief Singletary Presents Plaque to…

Chief Singletary with 100 Club President Jon Reaud

At the February 13 meeting of the Board of Directors of the 100 Club of Southeast Texas, Beaumont Police Chief James Singletary presented immediate past president, Jon Reaud, with a plaque of appreciation from the Department for the service, leadership and vision Jon provided the 100 Club during his term as president. Chief Singletary cited […]

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